Design duo Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner joined forces in 2008 and never looked back. They have designed homes across the country, from Los Angeles to Washington DC and their projects appear in Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Luxe Magazine, Susanna Salk’s Decorate Fearlessly and Be Your Own Decorator, as well as multiple publications abroad.

MWM’s work blends color and textural palettes that range from bold, stunning, and edgy, to soft, tranquil, and serene, while always being clear, fresh, and on point. Julie & Melissa love all things design; vintage finds, custom gilded hand-embroidered wallpaper, and timeless well-made furniture in all shapes and sizes. Their projects may vary, but the result is always the same; a beautiful, well-designed home.

Julie & Melissa’s Favs!

Office Vignette SEA

Favorite book?

JMK:  My best beach read this summer was The Girl on the Train -but I have to admit I’m about at least a year behind NY Times best sellers list, since I always read so many magazines!

MWR:  The Glass Castle is one of my all-time favorites—I couldn’t stop turning the pages!

Favorite vacation destination?  Greystone Showcase LA

JMK:  Coastal Maine & Florence, Italy

MWR:  Favorite vacation destination?   Italy-specifically the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como.  The people, the scenery, the food…I can’t get enough!

Who is your design icon?

JMK:  There are so many designers whose work I have looked to for inspiration time and again, it’s hard to narrow it down, but I always seem to come back to David Hicks.

MWR: Francis Elkins- I love how timeless her work is

Project that has inspired you?

JMK:  We are currently working on a remotely
located ranch in Colorado, and the surroundings are utterly jaw dropping-looking around the property you can see craggy mountains, a lake, horses, huge trees, miles of open sky… Stepping off the plane into a site meeting there is just incredibly inspiring.  It happens to be for a dear client who we have done several homes for, and we feel really lucky to be working with her again!

MWR:  One of our recent projects in LA really inspired me.  The house was gutted and remodeled, and when it was done, it felt as if it had always been that way, which is always our goal!

Favorite place to spot new style?

JMK:  Instagram! Lately I’ve seen gorgeous new fabric and art-social media continues to amaze me.

MWR:  I’m always inspired when I travel to different cities.  I love finding new styles in unexpected places off the beaten path

Kitchen SF

Favorite Food? 

JMK:  Thin crust pizza-homemade on the grill, or wood fired oven, ideally.

MWR:  I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Biggest design influence?

JMK:  I am continually inspired by artisans across the country who make everything from leather wall tile, block print fabrics, rugs, ceramics…I love a new-to-me product find and will always try and work it into a current project

MWR:  Vintage furniture

How would you define MWM’s design approach and style?

JMK:  Our approach is to be approachable-We always strive for beautiful spaces that are easy to live in-we are big believers in using your “fancy” linen napkins on a weeknight, eating your pizza off your wedding china and being able to put your feet up on the sofa-nothing too precious or museum like when you hire us, we want our clients to live in and love their homes.

MWR:  I think
of our work as a fresh take on traditional.  We typically use classically lined pieces and reinvent them with fabric, detailed trimmings and unexpected hits of color

Media Room Bar SF

What makes a happy space?  

JMK:  Having walls hung with art that makes you smile, tons of framed pictures of family & friends, color, and plenty of light!

MWR:  Spaces that have personality and a touch of whimsy always feel happy

Favorite Hwang Bishop pieces?

JMK:  Incense lamp, Hobnail side table, Crane Wedding Dress lamp, the Soba

MWR: Too many to count!  But if I HAD to choose—the Soba Lamp, Honey Lamp, Zebra Lamp and Mandarine Hobnail Table

Favorite Hwang Bishop Pieces!

Hobnail Side Table
Crane Wedding Dress
Incense Ancient Bronze
Soba Ceramic Lighting
Honey Lamp